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DCS: A-10C Warthog

Flight Sim Tool Set for DCS

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Author: vJaBoG32 Balu
Size: 6 MB
Uploaded: 18.05.2012
Downloads: 974
Rating: Ø 4,75Ø 4,75Ø 4,75Ø 4,75Ø 4,75
(based on 4 votes)

Flight Sim Tool Set
JaBoG32 Mission Planning Tools

These two programs are made available to the community by the JaBoG32 and we hope that they are useful to you. The zip file contains two documents with a small description for the two programs.

DCS Flight Planning

The application is intended as a tool-set to provide the mission designer / mission controller the ability to generate specific flight plans for each flight. The flight plans are populated with data from the mission file and can be edited with this tool. Thereafter the flight plan can be exported as an excel file for even further modification, printing or saving as PDF from excel. The modification can only be done with MS Excel and not with Open Office because of the VBA Scripts.

This self-extracting file contains an excel file FlightLog.xls which is used by the JaBoG32 for the creation of the flight plans for the training sessions. You can modify this file for your own purpose and squadron needs except of the first excel sheet. This will be used as an interface between the program and your flight-plan.

Special thanks to ED for supporting us.

Navigation Calculator

This program includes a variety of calculation functions:
- Unit Conversion
- Course and distance calculation between two latitude/longitude points
- Latitude and longitude calculation from latitude/longitude point and given course/distance
- Dead Reckoning

Beaufort Scala

compatibility: DCS A-10C & BS2 &
version: 1.0, 18.05.2012

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