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Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams 2006

About the event
The virtual Aerobatic Team Airshow is something like RIAT or MAKS: a big airshow where virtual aerobatic teams can fly with each other and perform their displays in front of the big lock on community. It's the only virtual airshow where more than one Aerobatic Team shows its display.
Visitors can watch nearly every lock on aerobatic team live. Further they can listen to all the communications of the aerobatic teams via TeamSpeak. In addition to last year this year we will also try to set up a video livestream via WindowsMedia Player… Right now we are dealing with several providers and can’t make any promises yet. But we will provide further details soon.

The event will take place on November 17th, 19.00 GMT and November 18th, 18.00 GMT on the JaBoG32 Dedicated Server and VTB Dedicated Server. On November 10th, 19.00 GMT and November 11th, 19.00 GMT we will perform a rehearsal / dry run. If you are an aerobatic team and want to participate please be sure to attend at least on rehearsal!

Want to spectate?
Spectators are highly appreciated. You're allowed to join whenever you want. But please note, that spectators really are only allowed "to join as a spectator" and not as player with an aircraft.
Attention: All Spectators are requested to connect no faster than with 56 Kbit/s Setting!

You may also connect to our Public TeamSpeak Server, thus you can talk to other aerobatic enthusiasts.

Want to participate?
When you want to participate as aerobatic team or solo pilot at the biggest virtual online Airshow please reply in this thread. Please post also details about...
  • Name of your Team
  • Number and Type of Aircraft
  • Approximate Duration of Display
  • Mods or Skins you are using
  • Preferred Date/Time
  • Preferred Server Settings
  • Remarks (anything really)
Please note that we're using the Lock ON Version 1.12a. So be sure you have the latest Lock ON Patch installed.

List of participating Teams (Last updated: November 15th, 2006)


Team Name Contact Person Aircrafts Duration ShowTime (GMT) Download Track
White Ravens Frazer 4x Su-27 30 Min 19:15 - 19:45 » Download
Virtual Strizhi Shade 4x MiG-29S 30 Min 19:45 - 20:15 » Download
White Ravens Solo Frazer 1x Su-27 15 Min 20:15 - 20:30 » Download
Virtual Strizhi Solo Flystorm 1x MiG-29S 15 Min 20:30 - 20:45 » Download
Special Show - - 30 Min 20:45 - 21:15 » Download
HDF 59th Virtual Air Base Reaper 1x MiG-29A 15 Min 21:15 - 21:30 » Download
Virtual Snowbirds Rotorblade 2x A-10A 30 Min 21:30 - 22:00 » Download
Illusion Aerobatic Team JonnyB 3x Su-33 30 Min 22:00 - 22:30 » Download


Team Name Contact Person Aircrafts Duration ShowTime (GMT) Download Track
Virtual Thunderbirds * Striker/Lawndart 6x F-16C 45 Min 18:00 - 19:00 » Download
Server Switching - - - - -
Virtual Marche Verts Mohamed 1x Su-27 15 Min 19:15 - 19:30 » Download
White Ravens Frazer 4x Su-27 30 Min 19:30 - 20:00 » Download
Virtual Strizhi Shade 4x MiG-29S 30 Min 20:00 - 20:30 » Download
White Ravens Solo Frazer 1x Su-27 15 Min 20:30 - 20:45 » Download
Virtual Strizhi Solo Flystorm 1x MiG-29S 15 Min 20:45 - 21:00 » Download
Special Show - - 30 Min 21:00 - 21:30 » Download
HDF 59th Virtual Air Base Reaper 1x MiG-29A 15 Min 21:30 - 21:45 » Download
Patrouille Suisse Virtuelle Airone 6x Su-27 30 Min 21:45 - 22:15 » Download
Virtual Snowbirds Rotorblade 2x A-10A 15 Min 22:15 - 22:30 » Download
First Heaven Squadron Lordryte 4x Su-27 30 Min 22:30 - 23:00 » Download
Finale Grande - - - - » Download

* note: Display will take place on VTB Server

We also offer the schedule as word document for download. So you can print it and if neccessary write some private remarks on it. Furthermore, this document includes a short summary of all you need to know as spectator or aerobatic team. As bonus, we also attached a description of the display performed by the Virtual Thunderbirds.

» Download Schedule (.doc)

Are there any required mods?
Yes, there are. In order to participate (as spectator or aerobatic team) you need the Airshow Modification 2006. The Modification includes all skins and aircrafts of the participating aerobatic teams. Only with the modification you will be able to see all aerobatic teams in the correct colors and aircrafts. You can download the modification from our Downloadsection.

Further Information about the Event

Server Settings
We're going to use following server settings. In order to make a smooth running airshow possible, the server settings are not going to be changed during the airshow. Otherwise we would have to perform several server restarts with each time 32 people reconnecting to the server.

Padlock On
G-Effects Reduced
Crash Recovery On
Immortal On
External Views On
Unlimited Ammo On
Unlimited Fuel On
Map View (+ My Plane, Allies Units, Enemy Units) On
Aircraft Switching On

How to connect to the server?

The server is going to start at about 18.45 GMT on Friday and at about 17.45 GMT on Saturday in Hyperlobby. In case you haven't got installed Hyperlobby you may also connect via IP. In order to prevent Gunzo- & BVR-Players from joining the server it is going to be password protected. Please be sure to enter the password when you connect to the server.

Main VFAT Server IP
Password vfat

Special case on Saturday The Thunderbirds are going to perform their display on their own server. Their display is going to start at 18.00 GMT and will last to 19.00 GMT. Therefore, please connect first to the server of the Virtual Thunderbirds and after they finished their display please connect to the main VFAT server. This rule only applies for Saturday since the Virtual Thunderbirds aren't going to fly on Friday.

Thunderbirds Server IP
Password vfat-west

Prefered connection setting for this server is 128/128 KBit/s

Please note that this "server-switching" only applies for Saturday and not for Friday! On Friday all Aerobatic Teams are going to fly on the Main VFAT Server.

Phraseology and Procedures

All Aerobatic Teams have to connect to the JaBoG32 Public TS where they will be controlled and navigated by our Air Traffic Controller. If you have troubles connecting to the TeamSpeak Server try to use following IP instead of the hostname below: (same password).

TS Server IP
Password tornado12

In order to have a smooth running airshow we're going to use some very simple procedures and phraseology. These request- and clearance-procedures are just made for a smooth run of the event with no accidents as all want a clear frequence and airspace for their display.
Radio Procedures Team1: "Tower, Team1, ready for taxi."
Tower: "Team1, taxi to runway 36."
Team1: "Team1, taxiing to runway 36."

Team1: "Team1, ready for departure."
Tower: "Team1, cleared for takeoff and display runway 36."
Team1: "Team1, cleared for takeoff and display runway 36."

(Silence! Only the flying team may talk)

Team1: "Team1, display terminated."
Tower: "Team1, cleared to land runway 36."
Team1: "Team1, cleared to land runway 36."

What Airbase & Mission

The VFAT (Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams) is going to take place on a lovely, warm day in spring on Razdolnoye Airbase (North-West Crimea). The first Aerobatic Teams will depart at about 2 pm (In-Game-Time).
In order to get ready for VFAT we already release the actual Airshow Mission. Therefore you can get familiar with the settings and do some kind of private rehearsal.

» Download Mission File V. 1.1 (last updated: November 15th)

Like in last year, all aircrafts are placed in a certain order. All aircrafts in the mission are already equipped with their correct skin.
Here is a overview of how the aircrafts are ordered at the Airbase:

Download Overview

If you're looking for a certain file please have look to this list:

» Download Mission File
» Download Ground Chart
» Download Player List Overview
» Download Schedule
» Download Airshow Modification 2006 (required!)

» Looking back at VFAT 2005
» Looking back at VFAT 2006
» VFAT 2007

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