Simulated Air Combat for DCS World 

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The 321st TIGERS  

Air to Air combat and realistic BVR procedures

Air to Ground operations including overall teamwork
The 323st VANGUARDS  

Helicopter taskings like CAS, CSAR and CARGO
Human Air Traffic Controll:  

Enjoy active TWR, AWACS and Mission control

Develope together with our members
Fight´s on!  

Stunning Multiplayer Scrambles
Combined Arms:  

Advanced and unpredictable Mission KI

321st Tigers

von JaboG32_Siddharta um 10.01.2018 01:22

DCS Tutorials für BFM

Maj SNAFU hat zwei neue DCS Videotutorials zu folgenden Themen erstellt:

Snap Shot Drills
Snap Shot Drills im Rahmen des BFM Training. Inklusive Charts, Prozeduren und onboard Video in der L-39ZA:

Dive Bombing and Gun Pattern
Video Tutorial für Air to Ground Piloten mit onboard Prozeduren for DB and Gun Pattern. Inklusive Sprechfunk und Flugparameter in der L-39ZA: