Crimean Incident

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Re: Crimean Incident

Beitrag von JaBoG32_Prinzartus » 4. Dez 2009, 16:18

LoL, I participated in the "original" start of the crimean airwars campaign back then. It was only two missions, or even only one?
Must have been a while...

I am totally looking forward to the relaunch of Crimean Incident! :spring:
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Re: Crimean Incident

Beitrag von X-man » 13. Jan 2010, 18:15

I just want to inform you that the Crimean Incident has begun and is rolling ahead at full speed. We've already had 2 events and the third one is coming up on the 23rd. 104th_Crunch is the Blue (your) side's General and he is the backbone in all the planning. I suggest you guys join in and get updated here:

Remember, you dont have to participate in every single event, but the more the better of course!

Also, our new dedicated website is also now online! Check it out here:

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Re: Crimean Incident

Beitrag von Laud » 13. Jan 2010, 20:14

Thx X!

The JaBoG32 is still on winter hollidays...

Let's see what we can do! I hope we will be part of some missions.