2009 LockOn film: Airspace Of The Sharp Sword the movie offi

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2009 LockOn film: Airspace Of The Sharp Sword the movie offi

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Video introduction:

2009 LockOn film - "Airspace Of The Sharp Sword" has been completed, the entire film took 5 months! At this point, thanks "Airspace Of The Sharp Sword," the active participation of all members of the crew, but also thank you for the cooperation of the crew a total of 50 participants, of which 18 actors, voice 32. The entire movie length: 33 minutes 00 seconds. The video is from a 31GB video material, the careful editing made, we should say it is the essence of things. " Airspace Of The Sharp Sword " is "China Air Force Simulation Organization(Lkyfly)" the first major movie, so definitely there is a corresponding problem, hope majority of the faithful be able to fly to comments and suggestions!

See here for more description (001 written): http://baike.baidu.com/view/2844730.htm

Basic Information

Theme: Military Game Movies

Group: China Air Force Simulation Organization(Lkyfly) - "Airspace Of The Sharp Sword" crew

Chief planner: lkyfly0001/Alpha

General director: lkyfly0001/Alpha

Assistant director: lkyfly0045/Buster, lkyfly0235/Lang wao, lkyfly0257/Feibao

Producer: lkyfly0022 / Xingmeng Xinyuan

Filming: lkyfly0001/Alpha

Art: lkyfly0049/Fisker, lkyfly0095/Eagle

Cast: lkyfly0001/Alpha, lkyfly0008/King, lkyfly0026/Strom, lkyfly0044/Shark, lkyfly0045/Buster , Lkyfly0049/Fisker, lkyfly0063/Cat, lkyfly0095/Hapy, lkyfly0121/Flight, lkyfly0122/Aice, , Lkyfly0188/E@GLE, lkyfly0214/Flybird, lkyfly0224/Tank, lkyfly0226/PRO1, lkyfly0235/Lang wao, lkyfly0247/wolove, lkyfly0257/Feibao, lkyfly0279/Hawk

Voice: lkyfly0001/Alpha, lkyfly0002/Apple, lkyfly0004/Kaka, lkyfly0007/Sprint, lkyfly0012/Flanker , Lkyfly0014, lkyfly0017/Su35Bm, lkyfly0026/Strom, lkyfly0027/AIM, lkyfly0042/Yaoyang , Lkyfly0044/Shark, lkyfly0045/Buster, lkyfly0049/Fisker, lkyfly0063/Cat, lkyfly0095/Hapy , Lkyfly0096/Willy, lkyfly0113/Jyun, lkyfly0121/Flight, lkyfly0122/Aice, lkyfly0153/Viper , Lkyfly0178/Lnbx, lkyfly0182/F109, lkyfly0188/E@GLE, lkyfly0197/Hawk, lkyfly0226/PRO1 , Lkyfly0235/Lang wao, lkyfly0257/Feibao, lkyfly0270/Andy, lkyfly0277/Heibao, lkyfly0278 / , Lkyfly0279/Feiyang, lkyfly0284/Shark072

Video story:

7 am morning flight to 021 airborne early warning AWACS mission after launch, early warning aircraft 021 reporting all normal, transport unit can perform the transportation task. At this point, four transport ships, escorted by the frigate began to weigh anchor.

Transportation Battalion will soon arrive when the direction of 320 early warning aircraft, 021 suddenly received a report from my convoy 200km Department, the sea surface with unknown targets. At this point, our tower promptly inform the squadron of attack to support Sirius! At this time, enemy missile frigates, and suddenly our convoys, firing anti-ship missiles were successfully intercepted our frigates; Shortly thereafter, the enemy launches a missile guided missile frigate second, because our frigate to intercept failed, Sirius squadron did not arrive promptly, eventually leading to full reimbursement of the transport unit.

Sirius one team, two teams break through enemy ship low altitude air defense first lap, a team of enemy radar was locked, the first use of Kh-41 attack "aircraft carrier Carl Vinson," The target has been hit! Sirius two teams locked enemy two guided missile frigates, open radar, open interference, pulled up and volley Kh-41, 8 Mei Kh-41 has been intercepted four enemy ships, and the rest hit the enemy 4 2 frigates! To make it burst into flames! Sirius squadrons successfully intercepted targets identified, it begins to return process!

Sirius Squadron, after the victory into the return process, but due to return on the way encountered heavy fog, so had to alternate airports No. 3. However I have just turned around the course, Sirius squadron leader suddenly receiving a message from the AWACS: 40km away from Sirius at the enemy's squadron on the ground SAM anti-aircraft radar exposure! Sirius squadron was not enough fuel, therefore, had to bypass the low altitude SAM systems, and thus avoid the enemy's SAM mountain system of the missile!
Cheetah squadron ready, immediately took off, low altitude near the enemy air defense targets. Under the guidance of the tower, cheetahs Squadron found the center of the enemy SAM systems. Cheetah Squadron received 12 points the direction of SAM irradiation, "Cheetah," squadron leader ordered: open radar, open jamming. Cheetah Squadron to be the appropriate goal has been locked to keep oblique word formation, attacks on SAM systems. But the fired eight Kh-25MPU, are Sam system to intercept the enemy's down! At this time, captain ordered the remains formation, switch weapons, use the Kh-58 Attack! SAM system, initiated a deadly destruction! The ultimate success of destroying enemy SAM anti-aircraft radar equipment. Higher levels taking into account the Cheetah Squadron there are other difficult task, then, the Tower cheetah squadron command prompt enter the return process! Safe return of the 3 airports!

5, a shortage of supplies due to the airport, sea routes were cut off, so the implementation of air measures, from sea lions escort squadron, air force air into the scope of the airport on the 5th, the sea lions from the squadron, but in the transport plane preparing to land when the enemy was a high-altitude F - 15 attack, leading to transport the entire crew bailed out! When the F-15 transport plane is an enemy attack is successful, attacks on transport of the F-15 (Code: 533), then quickly dive down height, with long cruising in the mountains of the F-15 (Code: 532) for convergence. The enemy's two F-15 will converge when the 532 suddenly discovered that, sea lions Squadron 81,82 in tracking 533, and the launch of the R-77 missiles, 532 in order to protect the 533, quickly fired a 4 our of the 81,82 pieces of active radar-guided AIM-120 missiles, 81,82 see the situation is not good and quickly contacted the 83 high-altitude stand-by supporting!

When the 83 receiving the message, contact tower lightning squadron quickly to support the request. After 83 rapid downward dive bombing, lock 532, and its launch of two infrared-guided missiles, 532 were destroyed, but the side 81,82 is the enemy missile is hit, jump! 83 sea lions chase the enemy to escape disobedience 533! However, the remaining missiles, Mig-29 insurance, ground staff have not been pulled out, eventually leading to the remaining missile is unable to launch, can only use the cannon, finally, 83 the use of guns smashed 533 in an engine, he thinks the aircraft is already dead, and then return the.

The enemy's 533 due to hydraulic failure, ejection seat failure, eventually landing in the road. He again requested "Drive Eagle Squadron," to give support. When the enemy's fleet of F-15 took off and found that our return of the Mig-29, we should lock the attack, but the enemy's early warning aircraft, but the report: We have found our Su-27 fleet, in view of this, the enemy decided to give up on the 533 rescue! First of our fleet of Su-27 attack! Thunder Squadron after our launch, quick access to combat readiness mode. When they find the enemy's F-15 radar support team, after four Su-27 also locks onto the target, firing R-27ER, but because it is blind shooting mode, so that all R-27ER were not hit enemy targets.

At this point, our side has just entered the enemy's fleet of F-15 missile range, they fired AIM-120 missiles. At the same time, lightning squadron began a second attack, as this into the R-27ER range, therefore, the second intercept and destroy the enemy out of the two F-15!
AIM-120 Lightning Squadron received a warning of missile attacks, then four-way spread. However, lightning squadron of two SU-27 to avoid invalid, eventually missile hit! Next, our survived two Su-27 (code-named: 092,093) make every effort to wipe out the enemy F-15. . .

Lightning return of 092,093, the 092 received the enemy's early warning radar scan, he was prepared to hijack an enemy early warning aircraft, without permission, and force it to land 093 to get this message, and 092 in coordinated operations. 093 playing with the cannon of the enemy's early warning aircraft to the right of leaking fuel tanks and eventually captured the enemy's early warning aircraft, landed at embarrassing the Chinese airport. . .

Online watch Address:

Official address: http://www.lkyfly.com/bbs/thread-3723-1-1.html
Official discussion area: http://www.lkyfly.com/bbs/forum-225-1.html
See address one: http://6.cn/watch/11784947.html
See address two: http://hd.ku6.com/show/Gc8sWD5wOzsFlmTx.html
See address three: http://www.56.com/u98/v_NDY3MTY5MTE.html
See address four : http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTIxNzg0MDUy.html