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Question about vJabog32 SERVER

Verfasst: 24. Apr 2009, 18:35
von ECV56_Turco
Hi, guys im Turco, from ECV56 Squadron, base at Argentina but its a Latin-American Simulation Site.

first. sry to write in english.

We are trying to setup a dedicated server, but we have questions and no experience in dedicated.
All these time we have been hosting in our own machines at home.

Since we read your site frequently and fly when possible on your server, we think its the right place to ask questions :)

All information you can share with us on HOW TO setup the server will be much appreciated.

I recently get AMRACT. Im learning myself how to make things happen, but its a long way. (i hope u can tell me the COMMANDS and FUNCTIONS)

Basic, i want to learn how you MAKE the RESTRICTION FOR THE KH-58 for example. I need all the steps.

Starting from:

-Telling the players not to use the KH-58 (i heard could be a script) How?
- What do you use to Kick players using the restriction?
- How to make REPETITIVE MESSAGES every 2 minutes, " Objetive: Destroy Anapa Airbase"

ok, anything you can share and teach, will be very helpfull. Bandwith, software, anything.....

thank you guys.

cheers from Argentina.

Re: Question about vJabog32 SERVER

Verfasst: 24. Apr 2009, 18:47
von Laud
Hi Turco!

You're welcome to write in english!

I wonder you mention AMRACT features on our server, as we don't use it so far. I got it from =RvE=Yoda but nver installed it. Are you sure it was on our server???

I'm sure Chrissi will give you some information about our server (hardware, software, connection and settings).

Questions about AMRACT features will be better placed in the =RvE= forums or contact Yoda directly.


Re: Question about vJabog32 SERVER

Verfasst: 24. Apr 2009, 19:10
von ECV56_Turco
Hi Laud,

no, im not sure of anything :D

i thought you were using AMRACT.

i didnt find much software like this for lomac

what are you using for messages and restrictions.??

I will try to pm Chrissi .

yea, i spoke with Yoda, he is trying to finish LRM for this weekend.

Thx Laud.

Re: Question about vJabog32 SERVER

Verfasst: 24. Apr 2009, 19:23
von JaBoG32_Chrissi
Hi Turco,

First of all, our server is basically an ordinary desktop computer located in a data center.

As for the hardware, we use an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, 2 GB DDR800 RAM in combination with an Intel motherboard and ATi HD4550 graphics card.
The chassis of the server is a 2U 19" rackmount-chassis. Those chassis are necessary for data centers. Only those fit into the special server racks. ... .php?pos=3

As you can see, most of our components are desktop products. :)

The administration of the server is realized by a tool called RealVNC. =>

It's basically a remote desktop utility. By contrast to the MS Remote Desktop Utility, this utility however, is capable of displaying 3D games via remote connection. This means, if we have to start or stop a mission, kick a player or something like that, one of our admins connects to the server using RealVNC client, and then he just clicks around as if he was sitting directly in front of the computer.

As Laud already mentioned: At the moment we don't use any automatition tools like ServMan or AMRACT, but we will install these applications in near future :D

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

Re: Question about vJabog32 SERVER

Verfasst: 24. Apr 2009, 19:51
von ECV56_Turco
thx very much Chrissi.

very helpfull :D

any scripts or something for the restrictions, ??? i mean not allowing to use certain weapons or airbases.

and how to make the messages to spawn, every certain time.

thx guys.

Re: Question about vJabog32 SERVER

Verfasst: 24. Apr 2009, 20:57
von JaBoG32_Chrissi
Hi Turco,

No, we don't use any scripts. We just use the server as it is - but as already mentioned, we will install those server-managers in near future.

and how to make the messages to spawn, every certain time.

As Laud already mentioned, you can realize this only via AMRACT / ServMan / etc... But, I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with these tools :(

We used Lock ON DedMac a very long time on our server and we were quite happy with it. This is some sort of tool which is able to rotate missions and spawn very basic text-messages like "this mission will end in 120 minutes".

The official website of DedMac was
But the domain is for sale... So probably, the project has stopped? Does anyone know something about that?

Re: Question about vJabog32 SERVER

Verfasst: 25. Apr 2009, 00:02
von ECV56_Turco
thx for the light on it Chrissi.

i appreciate your effort.

cheers. :)

Re: Question about vJabog32 SERVER

Verfasst: 25. Apr 2009, 07:29
von Balu
Hi Turco

If you use the AMRACT tool, you have two additional folders beside the mission folder. The first folder is called "illegals" and the second "objectives". All you have to do is create a text file at "illegals" with the same file name as the mission file and insert all weapons you want to ban in a separate row like "Aim-54C" or "Kh-58". Watch out for the notation and upper and lower case.
Unfortunately this mechanism works only if the guy who use an illegal weapon hits something with this weapon, than he will be kicked.

Re: Question about vJabog32 SERVER

Verfasst: 27. Apr 2009, 18:00
von Laud
This thread might be interesting for you: